Beachbody does not offer coupon codes for Shakeology or any of our products.  However, you can take advantage of an exclusive free shipping promotion by ordering Shakeology on Auto-Ship (you make this selection at checkout). If you select Auto-Ship, Beachbody will ship Shakeology to you absolutely free (the shipping charges of $11 will be waived)!  You’ll also get free online acces to The Shakeology workouts.  Then you’ll have a great home exercise program to go along with your nutrition and help you get healthy and fit faster!  See the video at the bottom of this page for more on what you get with the Shakeology workout.

There is a way you can actually avoid retail and buy Shakeology at a discounted price — By becoming a Beachbody Coach.

Shakeology Discount as a Beachbody Coach = Don’t get intimidated by the name “coach”.  You don’t have to actually coach anyone if you don’t want to (although if you want to, this is the perfect way to get the training and tools you need).  As a Beachbody Coach, you automatically get 25% off anything you buy from Beachbody (including Shakeology).  The signup fee for a coach account is $39.95 (this covers the signup plus the first month,) and then it is $14.95 a month thereafter. Signing up as a coach won’t save you money the first month if all you order is 1 bag of Shakeology (you spend $39 but you save $30), but starting month 2 the savings start to really add up (you spend $14.95 for the coach account but save $30).  And if you order other items, the savings are even bigger.

Plus, a huge benefit of being a Beachbody Coach is that you not only get a 25% discount on all Beachbody products, but you will earn a commission (25%) on the purchases that others make through you.  If your friends / family members / co workers see the results you are getting and want to try it, you now have a way to get compensated for the extra business you are bringing to Beachbody.  It’s a Win/Win.

So the BEST way to get a Shakeology Discount is to have a Beachbody Coach Account.You’ll save 25% on all Beachbody products, plus you will be able to earn cash for referring people to them. There are also several tax advantages to being a Beachbody Coach (since you can write off business related expenses). It’s a no brainer and a great way to save money as well as a way build up a nice side business. Sign up now to be a Beachbody Coach so you can save 25% on Shakeology!

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Access to The Shakeology Workout program (included FREE if you order Shakeology on Auto Ship) 

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