August 15, 2012 CoachJoshP

Upcoming Races and Mud Runs

Hey Team!

Summer will be winding down and that time of year is approaching…yup…running season!  Here in AZ, the race season really dies down during the summer months due to the EXTREME heat.  Most of the races start up again around September.  With that in mind, it’s time to step up your running if you have been slacking.  I’m posting my current race schedule for all my peeps interested in running with us. These runs are a great way to use  the new found athleticism from P90X, P90X2, Insanity, Turbo Fire, Body Beast, or Asylum.   If your looking for new ways to challenge yourself or just want to have a good time with like minded people, then you need to sign up for an event.

October 13th – Gladiator Rock N Run 7k

October 27th  – Dirty 6 – 5k or 10k (I will most likely be running the 10k)

November 4th – Phoenix 10k 

November 17th – Rugged Maniac 5k

December 2nd – Rock N Roll 1/2 Marathon (Las Vegas)…  not confirmed yet

January 20th – Rock N Roll 1/2 Marathon (Arizona) 

February 9th and 10th – Spartan Race

February 24th and 25th – Tough Mudder

I am currently putting together Challenge Groups of different lengths to accommodate upcoming races.  If your interested in joining a Challenge Group that will get you ready for an event, comment below or email me at  The groups will follow a modified schedule using running and P90x, P90X2, Insanity, Turbo Fire,  Asylum, or Body Beast.

Check out my post titled “ Tough Mudder Tips”  to help you get ready for any mud run!


*Want to implement running into your current P90X routine? Read this “P90X and Running


*Want to join the Ripped Squad and have a blast while getting into the best shape of your life?  Click here to join the Ripped Squad for free!

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