September 3, 2012 CoachJoshP

Body Beast 2 Month Progress Pics and Review

It’s been 2 months since starting Body Beast and I have finally put together my two month results and transformation.  Going to be finishing “Bulk” phase soon and almost ready for “Beast” phase.  Up 12lbs from 157lbs.  After X2 I did an Insanity/P90X/X2 hybrid and dropped ~10lbs. It was more than I wanted but it really helped improve my running.  Started Body Beast to try and gain some of it back….looks like it’s working.

First pic is 1 week before starting Body Beast  and a little over 2 months after completing P90X2.  I think my physique took a few steps backward after X2 but my focus was on performance and it did improve, so mission accomplished.   Now to get some size back ..and then some!  Last pic is day 60.


This is not going to be some long drawn out review.  I’m going to highlight what I like and don’t like. If you have questions and want more detail shoot me an email.

First let me start by saying I love this program and as of right now…it’s my favorite of all the Beachbody programs, with P90X2 being a close 2nd!  The workouts are short and INTENSE! (30-40mins)   Not a lot of cardio and all about getting HUGE!!.  The diet clearly illustrates the focus on bulking by starting you out with a calorie surplus and 25% protein to 50% carbs and 25% fats.  I enjoyed the added carbs, as they did help me to add about 12lbs in 8-9 weeks. I am however looking forward to switching to a higher protein/lower carb diet similar to the one I followed during X2.  I’m ready to get some of the definition back.

Body Beast Workout Schedule

Body Beast comes with 2 schedules to follow, “Lean” and “Huge.” I’m doing the “Huge version.  The difference is, Lean Beast has you doing cardio every week with 4 weeks in Build phase, 5 weeks in Bulk phase, and 4 weeks in Beast phase.

Huge Beast only has you doing cardio during Build phase and Beast phase.  Also, Huge Beast has you in the Build phase for 3 weeks, 6 weeks in Bulk phase, and 3 weeks in Beast phase.


Body Beast Pro’s

  • Short and Intense
  • Focused on gaining size and gains come quickly if you follow the plan!
  • Bodybuilding style program with minimal equipment needed.
  • The higher carb diet makes it more enjoyable, especially if you were previously on a lower carb diet.
  • The addition of the Beast supplements has been beneficial to my results.
  • Dynamic Set Training is the most effective type of workout I have ever done.  Better results in shorter time. Results come quick and time spent working out is short.
  • Every workout is killer (yes even cardio) and will destroy a good way…except abs, I thought it was too easy.
  • This program WILL put size on you…yes even a HARD GAINER!
  • No YOGA!!!…I know yoga is great, but it was a pleasant surprise to get a break from the long and sometimes grueling yoga workout in
  • This program can also be modified to lose fat and gain quality size at a slower pace .


Body Beast Con’s

  • If your diet is not “on-point” and your not eating clean, fat gain can quickly get out of control due to the surplus.
  • Beast Abs could be better, it’s good but Ab Ripper X and Ab Ripper X2 are way better.
  •  I wish there was more calf work.  It’s my weak point so I just add in a little extra.
  •  Some of the warm-ups are very short (could be a pro for some).
  • I wish there were more pull-up exercises (could also be a pro for some).


My final review of Body Beast will have more pics and poses, so stay tuned.  Really hoping to top my X2 results.

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  1. justin smith

    im conflicted on either doin body beast or asylum i know there 2 opposite goals i used to be an athlete an asylum would be great to me but i aslo wanna add sizke what do you think? thank you

    • If your body fat is already reasonably low, then I would go into Body Beast. If you have some fat to lose then do Asylum first, as Body beast will most likely add some fat. Depending on your current condition you may want to do Insanity before you step into the Asylum though.

  2. Gavin

    I am 15 and weigh 120 pounds so I’m pretty skinny, which program would you recommend me to use to get ripped?

  3. Johnathan Vaughn

    Josh congrats to you! I have worked with P90x and Insanity for sometime. I mostly use them in addtion to my gym workouts. I got Body Beast in the mail yesterday.
    I have read the book. I am wanting to build mass but trim a little fat at the same time. I want the mass to build out the kind of lose skin from being a little over weight for many years.I am in pretty good shape and concered with eatting so much. I did the extreamly low carb diet and weight lifting over the summer with good results. However, extreamly low carb is not the way of life. I started extream low carb over the summer because lots of the summer parties have vodka/ gin which I love. Mix the gin with diet mixer and it had not carbs. Long of short I am concered about eating such a huge amount of food but I understand the food choices are good clean foods. I may be intrested in your challenge program.
    Let me know a few details aboput that.

    • Hi Johnathan,
      Sorry about the late response to your comment, it was sent to the spam folder for some reason.

      Following the meal plan in Body Beast will lead to a small increase in body fat during the first two phases. If you are concerned about excess gain, the LEAN version might be a good choice (more cardio). Hearing more about your current situation and your goals will help me assist you better. Have you started the program yet? You can email me at

  4. Ron Gallagher

    Awesome results Josh….I’m on my second run of P90X…toned up alot and lost some fat…want to gain some quality muscle back and want to look good…Thinking about starting the BEAST workout…I want to gain muscle but my intention is not to get huge…Your beast pro’s list says the program can also be modified to lose fat and gain quality size at a slower pace…that sounds like what I want to do…can you give me some info on how to go about doing that or is that an option with the Beast workout…Any info is greatly appreciated…Thanks

    • Hi Ron,
      Thanks for the kind words! Congrats on your accomplishments with P90X! Body Beast is a great program. I just started my second round of it. The program comes with 2 schedules. “Lean” and “Huge”…The lean version has more cardio and the length of the phases is slightly different from the “Huge” version. For example, in the “huge’ schedule, there is no cardio during phase 2 which is 6 weeks long. The “lean” version has you doing cardio every week, and phase 2 is 5 weeks long instead. How soon are you thinking about starting Body Beast? I have a new challenge group kicking off this month; would you be interested in joining? Let me know and I’ll send you more info.

  5. Jag Singh

    Hey Josh, the gains are quite visible in the pics! Great post! I did have a question though. What sort of time intervals are you looking at if you do supersets and giant sets, but also finish your workout in about 45-50 mins? Because I thought for gains, you need to rest a little longer between sets.

    • Hi Jag,

      There is very little rest between sets, basically just enough time to change weights. I was always under the impression that you needed longer rest between sets also. Body beast uses a different school of thought, sighting “time under tension” is more important for hypertrophy than lifting super heavy with long rest between sets. The method is very different from anything I have ever done. I really like it and I’m definitely a believer in the technique. Pre-fatiguing the muscle with high reps, then immediately increasing the weight and doing lower reps really produces a massive pump….pumps like I have never had before.

  6. Josh, great post!!! Love the pics and really like the summary of the Body Beast program. Total difference in the 60 day pic. Your pecs and delts are significantly larger. Have you measured your neck? It looks like you’ve bulked up quite a bit since day 1. How about the legs? Are there a lot of lower body exercises in the workout as well?

    • Thanks kathy! I have not measured my neck. I wish I took a before measurement. The leg workouts are great. They are pretty brutal…lol. Walking is definitely an issue afterward 🙂

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