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My Diet


Posting my P90X2 pics has generated  a lot of interest and questions about my diet.  This blog post will help answer some of those questions and give you a sample day.  Click here to get my full Ripped in 3 Months Meal Plan.

First, everyone should install MyFitnessPal onto your smart phone.  This app makes tracking your food intake so easy, you have no excuse not to track.  It has just about every food you can think of already in their database.  It’s great if your using the P90x nutrition guide and following the protein/carb/fat ratios.  MyFitnessPal  will display a nice pie graph displaying your current ratios for the day and count down remaining calories, protein, carbs, and fats.

My diet is fairly similar day to day.  The only significant changes are the protein sources for each meal or adding more carbs due to running.  My snacks change based on what I’m in the mood for, but are generally high in protein.

My supplements are Shakeology, Dymantize Elite Whey Protein IsolateLabrada Kre-Alkalyn, and Energy and Endurance Pre-workout Formula

NOTES: I change up the snacks…I don’t have the same snack for all 3 snack times.  Also, one of the snack times is actually my post workout protein shake.  E & E Formula is always before a workout.

I usually have a fruit or some source of carbs after workouts and runs as well.


This plan has me  around 1800-1900 clories when cutting and 3100-3400 calories, when bulking.   This is a lot of food and keeps me full all day.  Keep in mind my activity level (very active day job, P90X, Body Beast, running, etc…).  If I don’t run or do any cardio that day, I remove some carbs (fruit).  This is my diet to maintain low body fat and build muscle. Depending on your current weight and bodyfat levels…if you are less active, you may need less calories; if your bulking you might need more.  To figure out your caloric needs go HERE or message me.  I can help you figure your goals depending on your current weight, body fat, and activity level.

Download my NEW ebook to see my exact day-to-day (EASY to follow) nutrition guide and meal plan that got me RIPPED!

thickpaperbackfrontSMIt contains my exact meals with calorie and macro counts.  It also includes a video tutorial to show you how to use MyFitnessPal as well as a full shopping list, visual food guide, bonus workout plan and more (..and YES it also includes meal plans that do not include Shakeology in the daily totals for those of you that do not have access to Shakeology).  Scroll down to order now..or…Click to learn more!





Comments (27)

  1. Noel

    Hey couchJosh, after the first week I started using my fitness pal, and i am folowing the macro ratios 50p/30c/20f… eating as clean as posible… just steam vegetables and grilled chicken, fruits, oats.
    I’m thinking to start the 2 month on a 1900 calories 40/40/20… i would still be on a 400 calories deficit. What do you think?

  2. Noel

    Hi Josh… I am on my 4th week of p90x/insanity hybrid, i’m 5’5, my weight is 145, 12% body fat… thats what i think(using fold skin calipers and JP3). I lost 5lbs in the first month on a fat shreder 1500 calories. suplements= Wheybolic extreme 60 and krealkalyn. I’ve seen some changes on my biceps, triceps, shoulders and back but haven’t notice any change on my belly. am i doing something wrong? Whats your suggestion? thanks and sorry for the long post..

  3. i have a question , i am 18 years old 178 lbs
    21% body fat
    i start dieting and working out with p90x for one month
    i become 156lbs but the problem i am still 21 % body fat and i still have a big tommy
    so what can i do so i can lose only body fat and not muscles

    • Did you use the same method to check your body fat? You must you the same method to get an accurate idea of how much your body is changing. If you use 2 differnt methods you will get completely different numbers. That’s a pretty big change in weight, and doesn’t seem possible for you to lose it without losing some fat in the process. I would need to know more about your diet to see where improvements can be made. You can email me at joshpelagio@gmail.com.

  4. JR

    From what I understand, the P90X2 workouts are actually short. From what I’ve read, the warm ups and cool downs are much much longer. They range from 10-15 minutes and some cases I’ve read some are 20 minutes long. Leaving an average of about 30 minutes of actual exercise.

    How is a fitness program supposed to be effective and effecient when so much time is spent on warming up and cooling down?

    Now I know it’s a big duh, look at your transformation among others. But, I’m just trying to get a better understanding at how this works, especially with the warm up, exercise, cool down time frames.

    • Hi JR,
      Yes the warm-up times are longer than the original P90X, but in my opinion it’s necassary. The moves in P90X2 are much more complex combining balance and stability with resistance exercise….having a properly warmed up body is important to avoid injury. The workouts are more effective and efficient since you are incorporating more muscle groups into each move. P90X2 definitely has more “sports science” behind it than your typical workout program, similar to routines of elite and professional athletes (which will become clear after just the first week). Workouts don’t need to be long to be effective, they need to be intense and P90X2 brings the intensity like no other.

      Body Beast is another great example of a routine that will absolutely destroy you mentally and physically in a short amount of time. Workouts are as short as 29 mins and that includes a few minutes of warming up and cooling down. All of the extreme Beachbody programs that provide the best results have very few breaks, and when they do, the breaks are short. Out of the programs I have done, P90x has the slowest pace between exercises, and most feel the pace is too fast, often having to hit the pause button. It’s all about intensity!

    • I like the Results/Recovery formula, but I feel I am already using supplements that contain most of the ingredients in it. I just add a carb along with my post workout protein shake (fruit, honey, maple syrup, or even a Gel or GU). I am not against taking it but I try to get as much from my food as I can and only supplement when I feel it’s necessary.

  5. JR

    I was on a 1400-1600 calorie diet while on P90X in the past. I lost a good amount of weight then. I gained back 30 pounds due to an MMA injury forcing me to chill for 6 months while I was in therapy.

    I tried 1900 calories, but so far no change. I don’t know if I should clean it up some more, change the ratios or play with my calorie intake. Should I add, delete or something.

    Okay, thank you for your response sir.

  6. Martin

    This diet plan is the most basic yet the one I think will be effective for me, and it’s affordable, easy and really common sense wise, I will follow it. Awesome Josh, yes this is my first time visiting your site. Awesome. Not MCD’s but Im lovin it he he.

      • Martin

        Yeah your site looks awesome too. I am in the process of possibly switch coaches, still looking at possibilities he he he, do you think in the future if I choose your team would you be able to let me join?

        • CoachJoshP

          Yes Martin, anyone that is truly interested in creating a better future and embracing a healthy lifestyle is always welcome on our team. If you have any questions about how to switch, let me know.

  7. JR

    Oh and one last question, sorry.

    What was your average calorie intake, from beginning to when you started the increase?

    Thank you sir

    • CoachJoshP

      I was around 1900 at first. Doing 50/30/20 ratios. I started dropping lbs quickly and made adjustments. I would check your ratios first and make sure your diet is really cleaned up. Another thing to think about if changing ratios doesn’t help… your calories might be too low, causing your body to go into starvation mode and slowing your metabolism. At your weight and doing P90x/Insanity you would need around 3000 cals to maintain your current body weight. Also I highly recommend MyFitnessPal to help track whats going in your body. Many people are surprised to find out that their ratios are actually much different than what they calculated in their head. Don’t forget you can Make me your Coach by clicking here!

  8. JR

    Wow thank you sir. I’m on a fat shredder diet myself but am having trouble with my fat percentage.

    I keep fluctuating back and forth on my scale on a 1900 calorie diet. I’m 6′ and weigh 207, and my waistline keeps going back and forth as well.

    I’m doing a P90X/Insanity hybrid and am thinking about dropping from 1900 to 1600 calories and possibly change my diet plan to 40/40/20. Similar to what you’re doing but I haven’t tried creating yet.

  9. JR

    I don’t know if I missed it or something, but I was just curious. Which diet plan did you follow? The fat shredder diet or something else? Also, how much did you lose or gain?

    And finally, how many grams of creatine did you take a day?

    • CoachJoshP

      I started out on the fat shredder for the first month. Since then I have been on a “modified” fat shredder. Ratios are close to the same about 40/40/20, but my calories were increased. I took 5g of creatine. I went from 178lbs and 16% body fat to 167lbs and 7-8% bf.

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