April 20, 2013 CoachJoshP

Pull ups, can you do one? Here are some TIPS!

The Pull-up is one of the most important exercises to build upper body strength.  Many people are intimidated by it.  I know I was.  When I first started out, I could barely muster out a few without kipping and jerking my body above the bar.  The good news is, with a few simple techniques, you can build your strength and start cranking them out like a pro.

Whether your doing P90X, P90X2 or Insanity: The Asylum, you will want to learn how to do a pull-up and you will want to get good at them…fast.  Pull-ups and chin-ups make up the majority of the back exercises in P90x, P90x2, and Asylum.

Check out this quick video for a few great tips to help you build the muscles required to do a proper pull-up or chin-up.

Chin-UpMax250x250Want to really maximize every minute you spend on the chin-up bar? This tool gives you the right amount of adjustable support to help you strengthen and train muscles as you work toward unassisted moves.

This piece of equipment can be used on any pull-up bar.  It’s great for P90XP90X2Asylum, or any other workout involving pull-ups or chin-ups.

The Chin-Up Max allows your body to be in a vertical pull-up position while doing assisted pull-ups.  The assistance has a more natural feel than using a chair to assist you.  I have been using it for the past few weeks and I highly recommend it.  My only regret is I wish I had bought it sooner.  Check out the video below for pull-up tips and demonstration using the Chin-Up Max.

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