April 23, 2012 CoachJoshP

Ripped In 3 Months with Shakeology and P90X2

940360Hopefully you read my post titled P90X Ripped in 3 Months.  If not, make sure you check it out.

After all the hard work and awesome results from round 1 of P90x, I was feeling terrible a year later when I

let it all slip away.  I began to lose focus and started skipping workouts.  My diet was a mess and before I knew it, I was heavier and more out of shape than before.  I couldn’t believe it!  Did this really just happen?  I was in the best shape of my life and feeling fantastic.  Now I’m worse than I was before.

I was feeling like crap!  No energy, moody, and not happy with myself.  This was affecting relationships in every aspect of my life.  I was down-right grumpy, all the time.  It took me a while to figure it out, but when I did I knew I had to make a change.  It wasn’t fair to my friends and family and most of all it wasn’t fair to my lovely wife and four beautiful daughters.

Almost like a sign from above, I stumble across a forum post talking about P90x2.  I was immediately excited.  I need this I thought to myself.  It instantly ignited a fire within.  I was so pumped to hear about a sequel to the program that gave me such awesome results.

Fast forward a few weeks later and on January 19, 2012 I began day one of a journey that would change more than just my body…it changed my life.

The first phase was a little surprising.  I was expecting something similar to p90x, but P90X2 was different. The entire first phase focused on core strength and balance.  I was tempted to skip ahead but who am I to doubt the makers of the program that took me from “zero to hero” the first time around.  So I stuck with it, and I’m glad I did!  Phase 1 is crucial for developing the core strength and balance that is needed in phase 2. I became noticeably leaner after the first 30 days, losing about 10lbs in phase 1.

Phase 2 is what I call the “meat and potatoes” of P90X2.  It’s awesome!  The moves are complex and extremely challenging.  I love 4 ball pushups! I liked this phase so much I carried it out for 6 weeks.  I noticed the most impressive gains from day 30 to day 60.  My day 60 photo is comparable to my day 90 photo from P90X.  My focus was to

really pack on the lean body mass during this phase.  Not only did I want to be ripped in 3 months, but I also wanted to have some muscle mass to go along with it.  Phase 2 is also when I started taking Shakeology.  I honestly believe Shakeology is the greatest contributing factor to my results from day 30 on.   I started feeling the effects of Shakeology within the first week.  I had more energy and improved regularity, which has always bee

n an issue for me.  After a few weeks on Shakeolgy I also noticed accelerated fat loss.

By phase 3 I was already in great shape.  I could have stopped there and been very satisfied with my results.  I was determined to see how far I could take it though.   After the first week of phase 3 I was slightly concerned.  Phase 3 is more performance based with less resistance than phase 2.  It’s also more intense.  I was concerned about losing the gains in size I had made during the previous phase.  I voiced my concerns to my Coach (Top Coach 2011 Wayne Wyatt).  He recommended sticking with phase 3 as it would bring out more definition….and it did!  Not only did it bring out more definition but it also improved every aspect of my fitness.

My results from P90X2 exceeded my expectations.  I’m excited for my next round.

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  1. Javier

    Hey Josh, great fan of your page. I’m currently doing P90X2 (my first round) I entered the Strength phase this Monday however I’ve done multiple rounds of Insanity, P90X, Asylums both Volumes 1 & 2 and now finally X2. My questions is this, I’ve had amazing results with improving my performance in running, agility and vertical strength. Now I’m trying to gain lean mass because I believe that I may have lost too much weight. I’m lean yes but muscle mass wise not where I want to be at. I’ve tried counting calories and funny thing is when I do (I utilized myFitness Pal) I actually lose weight (I have a really active job) However when I don’t (I’m currently not) I eat all healthy foods and I can see my body starting to gain some muscle. My questions (after all this run down) is this I’m thinking of do adding an extra lift to my P90X2 schedule. I’d do this DAY 1 – Chest, Back & Balance DAY 2 Plyocide DAY 3 Shoulders & Arms DAY 4 Yoga X2 Day 5 Base & Back DAY 6 Diamond Delts. What do you think? And what would your advice be? THANKS FOR THE MOTIVATION

    • Hi Javier,
      As far as mass is concerned, it’s pretty simple. You have to EAT! If you are not gaining, then you need to eat more. If you’re still not gaining, then eat more. And if you’re still not gaining, you guessed it….EAT MORE! I was eating around 3000-3400 calories with a macro split of 50/30/20 to 40/40/20 (protein/carbs/fats). Increasing your carbs will help to pack on the pounds easier but expect to put on some fat if you over do it. The reason I like to count is because it makes it easier to make adjustments. If I’m not gaining weight at 2500 calories, then I know I need to increase. If I’m gaining too fast then I know to decrease. Counting your calories will allow you to be consistent and make changes systematically instead of guessing. I like to use 500 calorie increments. 500 calories 7 days per week is roughly 1 pound per week. That schedule sounds good. I like to double up and hit weak body parts twice per week….So, if you are really wanting to hit your delts, go for it. I like to try new things all the time. Give it a shot for a few weeks and see how it goes. Keep me posted, I would like to hear how you make out.

  2. gregory delienne

    hello sir, i was wondering if i was doing something wrong, i try to stick the but it’s always seems that i don’t eat enough and i am starving i don’t what to do

  3. Dvaid

    Coach Josh,just want to say you look like a tank bro,anyways so i’m 17 and i’m 17 stone and like i’m stuck on my diet and if i should just stick to cardio for now ? would really appreciate the help man (:

  4. Alex

    Coach Josh, I’m in a similar situation that you say you were in before starting P90x2, I did p90x back in 2010 and loved the results, but stopped working out and here I am starting back up again. My question is, what have you noticed the differences are between p90x and p90x2 concerning the end result?

    • Better overall fitness and athleticism. My core and mid-section was more developed and stronger after P90X2. My results were much better with X2, but I was also much more committed. The workouts were more fun and challenging which helped motivate me to really hit it hard. I was also more committed to the diet and using Shakeology during P90X2. The combination of everything is what made the difference in my results. In my opinion P90X2 superior to P90x and a more well-rounded program. It’s all about improving performance and athleticism. P90X is more about physical change in the shortest time frame. Both are awesome programs though. When are you planning on starting? Are you leaning toward P90X or P90X2?

      • Alex

        I’ve started p90x again, have been doing It for a week now. The only reason I have not considered x2 over p90x is because I only own p90x. But my goal is to make a change as quick, and (if possible) as drastic as you did, just using p90x. My goal is for April/May.

  5. PFC Coffman

    Hey man, those are some crazy results. I’m about where your day 30 picture is or between day 30 and 60. I want to be more like day 90 obviously but I don’t really have the prerequisites necessary to do a program like P90X because I live in the barracks on post. Any workouts you’d like to share in order to help me get more defined would be much appreciated! Thanks and hell of a job man.
    – PFC Coffman, Infantry, US Army

    • Water is best. Force yourself to drink it. Crystal light contains artificial flavors and sweeteners (aspartame). I would say it’s better than soda but not even close to water….too much artificial stuff. Start out by commiting to drinking a few glasses of water a day. Then gradually increase the water while decreasing soda. I used to be a soda junky. I was addicted to it, easily drinking a 12 pack or more of Mountain Dew or Coke. Now I don’t drink soda at all. Water, fat free milk, and Shakeology are the only drinks I have.

      • Thanks! Im going to add a drop or 2 of Mio and slowly ween it away…A coworker gave me some yesterday at work and it was a great discovery that I think will help! Thanks for your time!

  6. Dawn

    Hi Josh,

    Fantastic results, well done you!! I am a working mother of 3 but am desperate to lose weight and tone up. I have been looking at the insanity workout. I too am in England so you cannot be my couch but can you please tell me which routine I am best to do first.

    I so want to feel better about myself.


  7. Marco

    I agree with all of the comments man great results, but i have one question what type of snacks do you have throughout the day because i do alot of soccer, running, and jiu jitsu. In the middle of the day I’ll find myself snacking on some doritos or something else unhealthy. So could you list some of healthy snacks one might have during the day?

  8. hey men!!! your body change was awesome!!!! i really like to do P90X2 in my body to see my own transformation but i’ve a little problem i live in mexico so you can help me to get it or couch me please..

  9. Andrey

    Hey! loving your results 🙂 I’m 18 years old young man from Finalnd and goddamn i want to be in a good muscular shape. Can you give me a good advices for good and healthy nutrition and food ? and i need some tips to gain more muscle ? 😛

  10. Laci

    Hello Josh!

    Your trapezius is amazing (as well). What kind of pratice did you do for it?
    Is it possible to train it without dumbbell?
    The first pic at the top the beginner one does’t look like a quite beginner. Did you do any other sport before P90X2?
    Thank you.

  11. Faizan

    Hi Bro Fazy Here,
    i am 22 years old, 165 lbs 5.9half ” boy.
    i just saw your video and i download it as my motivation factor,
    i live in pakistan (next to india) if you convert shakalogy , recovery drink & capsule price in pakistan’s currency it goes in more then 20 thousands , i’m low budget person i cant buy those things then could you please suggest me what to do.
    i wanna transform my body like you.
    sorry for bad english
    i hope you reply thanks man Take care.

    • Hi Faizan,

      If supplementing is an issue due to financial reasons, I recommend trying to get nutritional requirements through diet. Mainly whole food sources. Cut out all the junk and empty calories. Only consume foods that provide real nutritional value…vegetables, lean meats, beans, etc… Take a look at a sample of my diet to get some ideas. http://rippedin3months.com/nutrition/my-diet/

      As far as recovery and after workout nutrition. Protein and carbs within the first 30-60 mins would be ideal. The results and recovery Formula is a 4:1 carb to protein ratio. Not sure if you have access to a protein supplement, but a protein shake and some fruit would be good after a workout.

      • Faizan

        Hello josh,
        Thanks for reply
        I already cut lot of junk i don’t drink any soft drinks, use low-fat milk , oatmeal etc
        But from today i follow your diet
        No i’m not using any supplements Please guide me which Whey protein is good for me which one should i buy because in my area’s Supplement Store whey protein is available.

  12. David W

    Hey coach,

    I just ordered p90x and honestly I’m really scared and excited for it to come! I’ve already lost close to 40/50 pounds and gained back 10 in muscle on my own but I’m not seeing the results I’m after. Nor do I have the support group that I need. Here’s the deal I feel like I’m failing because I’m seeking outside help and can’t do it myself, any words of encouragement would be greatly welcomed!

    • Hi David,

      That’s awesome, 40-50lbs is an amazing accomplishment. You should be excited. This program is the real deal. You just have to do what they say and you WILL get results. Make me your coach and join the team. I can plug you into a private support group for members of our team on facebook. We check in daily and keep each other motivated and accountable. It’s a proven system and it was a huge part in my success with X2.

  13. Franko

    Greetings from Sweden.
    Awesome results man. really.
    I have started P90x like 4weeks ago and already dropped 3kg.
    My question is since you did both x and x2 if I should do multiple rounds of p90x and then start x2 or do 1 round of x and then start with x2?

    alot of x in this post 🙂

    again, awesome man.

    • Thanks Franco! I think after one round of X you could go right into X2. It really depends on your physical condition. X2 uses a lot of core strength and balance but the first phase is all about building your core and balance. This prepares you for the harder moves in later phases.

  14. Marcus

    Reading your story and watching your transformation has inspired me! Awesome results man! I just finished up week 1 of my transformation. Congratulations!

  15. Thanks for your honesty. A few months ago there was a Success magazine issue devoted to the “comeback”, and how this was truly the definition of success – as opposed to the initial goal attainment. Many will relate to this and should follow your example. Love that you went to X2, and your results… well, I’ll just copy everyone else’s sentiments… amazing!

    • Thanks Gail! I like the idea of the “comeback.” I think it’s how most of us get there. Very few make it on the first try without failing along the way. Failing is not the same as failure. We all have setbacks and things that get us off the right path, just have to keep pressing forward.

  16. Ivan

    Amazing results.Well, I finished the 90 days of P90x a while a go, I must say its a great work out program. After the first phase i switched it up and I’ve included running, but I still do most of the P90x workouts. But now I think i need a bigger challenge. My cardio has increased and running has been a big part of it and I’ve worked hard gain size, I’ve been able to up my weight.Now, i don’t know if i should purchase body beast or x2. my concern about x2 is that I’ve seen some of the weight lifting workouts and I’m not really digging the balance part of it. I’ve even tried to do the curls on one foot and i almost fell,haha. that means i would have to lower my weight, which sucks because I’ve worked hard. Now beast body is designed to build muscle, but I’m worried that my cardio will decrease. So I’m stuck i don’t know what to do. Which workout program do u think would be better? my goal is to gain muscle but i also like doing cardio think its very important..

  17. Great results. I think I should have stuck with each phase another week or two. Strength and balance increased dramatically but measurements didn’t change much. Next time will be better though.

    • Thanks Michael, I did the first phase for 3 weeks and the second phase for 6 weeks, followed by the 3rd phase for 3 weeks. Good luck on your next round!

  18. Your video really speaks volumes. Your results are incredible and you deserve to be very proud of all that you’ve accomplished!

  19. I know the nutrition is key with the results, but dang! Looks like I need to break down the nutrition guide before I go any further lol. Great job!

  20. vinish

    Awesome man! you are amazing! I started P90X few days back and very excited. are you on beachbody too?

  21. Wow, this is amazing.. the pictures speak so loudly!@ What a great example you are setting too!!! Thanks for sharing all this!

    • Hi Dan, my running depends on whether or not I have a race coming up. If I am training for a race, then usually 3 times a week. My long run is usually Sunday, which is a rest day from P90x/X2. My other runs during the week are determined by intensity level and recovery needed to stay on schedule. Usually light recovery type runs are the day after Plyo or the same day as plyo or legs. A more intense interval run or hill sprints may be done instead of a leg workout or a few days before my next leg workout. If I’m just maintaining my running fitness, then usually 1-2 times a week and I squeeze them in when ever my schedule permits. Recovery is very important, if my body is telling me I need a rest day from running or legs then I take it. Many running injuries are caused by over training, which I have experienced. I try not to get caught up in the numbers and listen to my body now. Nothing is more frustrating than being sidelined from over training.

        • No problem Dan. Here is a P90X and Running Schedule that works great for someone that’s not putting in a ton of miles every week. Anything over 10k might require some changes depending on your fitness level, since many people could be looking at 60+ mins of running at that point.

          • dan

            Thanks again! That was very helpful. I enjoy running but by no means am I a marathon runner. Usually six miles at a time is it. I’ll use the p90x/running schedule. Thanks

  22. Josh I watched your youtube transformation the other day you killed it. I am doing round 2 here in the next few weeks and hope to get half the results you did.

    • CoachJoshP

      Thank you Daine, just be consistent and you will have amazing results!

  23. Great results! I’m currently in the recovery week for phase 2. This program has already pushed me farther than I have been and there is more to come. I can’t wait

    • CoachJoshP

      Thanks! That’s awesome man! I loved phase 2! Keep pushing play!

  24. I also did P90X2. My results were not as extreme as your results, but they were still pretty awesome. This program works. All it takes is consistency. Awesome job. Congrats!!!

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