January 9, 2012 CoachJoshP

P90X Ripped in 3 Months!

If you want real results, real fast, you came to the right place.  I am living proof that through hard work and dedication you can achieve your fitness goals.  Through diet and exercise I have completely transformed my body and my health.   This is my story on how I went from fat to fit,  and got ripped in 3 months.

Lets jump back 2 years ago.  In early 2010 a friend of mine told me about P90X.  I already knew what the program was, but  that was the first time I have ever met anyone that was actually using it.  Like a good portion of the people reading this, I can’t even count how many times I have watched the infomercial late at night.   Being the skeptic that I am, I was never sold on the idea that you could workout at home and get ripped in 3 months.  Never mind the fact that it’s all done with just  bands, dumbbells and a pull-up bar.    However, one look at his abs and his current physical condition had me very intrigued.  About 10 days later I was pressing play and working out in my living room with my favorite trainer, Tony Horton.

P90X was much more intense than I had expected.  That first week is when I realized how out of shape I really was.  Considering I had been working out on and off since junior high, I assumed it would be fairly easy.  Boy was I wrong!  The first two weeks were the worst.  I was having problems walking and straightening my arms due to the soreness.  I kept pushing play though…and I’m glad I did!

My results after thirty days were awesome!  This sent my motivation through the roof.  I was getting better results in a few short weeks than in years of working out at the gym.  Nothing against gyms, I love the gym.  I just don’t think I was putting it to good use.  Many people, myself included, just go through the motions with no specific goal or objective for each workout.  Obviously the goal is to get in shape or get stronger, but are the workouts really tailored to reach those goals effectively?  P90x solves that problem.  It takes out all the guess work.  You just show up, do what Tony says, eat right and get ripped…simple as that.

As I got further into the program things really started to change.  My form was better, my strength was better,  abs were visible, and people were noticing.  Everyone was coming up to me asking what I was doing.   I couldn’t believe what was happening is such a short time.  I was on cloud 9 and more motivated than ever before.  This really fueled my desire to reach my goal.  I was working out harder, eating cleaner, and truly living  a healthy lifestyle that I could be proud of.

My transformation was great!  Not a lot of weight loss, as I wasn’t severely overweight but I did add substantial lean body mass.


My success with the program was short lived though.  After doing P90x on and off for the rest of the year.  “Life” got in the way and I  lost focus. My schedule was pretty hectic with work, school, and family obligations.  I soon went back to my old ways and let myself go again.  Check out my journey with P90X2 and Shakeology to see how I got really ripped in 3 months!  I came back bigger and better! My P90x2 transformation is something I’m very proud of.  You don’t want to miss this.


If my story inspires you, make me your coach and I will help you achieve your goals!

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  1. mario

    greetings from Germany
    I made a very difficult time by
    I had many proposals private destiny
    your video has given me strength
    I started with sport
    you have shown me the way
    thank you
    I wish you much continued success
    I wish you and your family all the best

  2. barrington

    what time of the day were you doing your workouts as work schedule can be very hectic. also did you find yourself always completing the workouts or did you start out only doing some then eventually completing them?

    • I usually did my workouts right after work around 6:30. I always did the entire workouts. At first, I was not able to do all the reps, but I did as many as I could and then moved on to the next exercise.

  3. Karl Nienajadlo

    i have one question, i am only 15 and my parents will not let me use any kind of preoteins or shakes, would i still achieve some similar kind of results like yours?

    • Your results will depend on your level of commitment and your diet. If you follow a clean diet and get the proper amounts of macro nutrients along with the exercises, I would expect that anyone would have great results. The only time it doesn’t work is if you don’t eat “clean” and skip workouts.

  4. Your dedication to your health and wellness is evident. You have every right to be proud of all you have accomplished. Great job….and your family is absolutely beautiful!

  5. Awesome results man! Very inspiring! Im 1/2 way through Insanity right now. Jope after a few rounds i can then try to bulk like you :0)

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