April 20, 2013 CoachJoshP

Carlos from the UK made No Excuses and CRUSHED P90X2!

Carlos is is a friend and member of  the Ripped Squad all the way from the UK.  He wasn’t happy with his current fitness level and TOOK ACTION!  His results speak for themselves and I’m proud to have him on the team!  You rocked it Carlos!


Here is his story in his own words.

“If it wasnt for seeing your (…Coach Josh’s) results video on youtube, the following would never have happened, so I owe you thanks all the way over from the UK 🙂

I started out actually very similar sizes to you (which is what motivated me the most!).  At 5’9″ in height and 13stone (or 182lbs) in weight with a body fat % of 16.4% I looked like this…


After completing phase 1 and sticking to the diet, I found I had lost a massive 16lbs coming down to 166lbs and dropping to 13.6% BF.  Now I looked like this….


Fast forward to the end of Phase 2.  Another 14lbs gone and BF down to 12.2%!! Again strict diet and no skipping workouts.  This got me to these results…


At the of phase 2, I had a week off from P90x2, as I went on holiday Skiing for a week in Bulgaria.  This is where my strictness with the diet started to slide as I was drinking and eating very rich foods.  In my own mind however I justified it due to the intensity of the Skiing and convinced myself that I would have been burning off all of those rich calories I was taking in…
However, after returning home and working my way through phase 3, my diet was not as strict as it had been through Phases 1 and 2.  It was still strict however, but I am aware that I could have done better.
Dispite all of this though, my results came through and I had not lost any additional weight BUT had lost more body fat, which brought me down to 11.6% BF.  My girlfriend, work colleagues and friends have all said that its probably a good thing I didnt loose anymore due to me being an ideal weight for my height etc.  Either way, the following pics speak for themselves and I hope you agree I made progress 🙂  Here are my final shots…

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