2012 P90X2 – Day 1 and Day 90

2012 Results from P90X2 – Day 1, Day30, Day 60, Day 90


 2010 Results from P90X – Day 1 and Day 90


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    • Awesome! If you need some accountability and support, let me know. I have a great group I can plug you into. Keep me updated with your progress!

  1. Waqas

    Great and amazing results josh! I am looking to start p90x in a couple of weeks, currently going gym 3-4 times a week, 6ft 205lbs with 17% body fat, wanting not to lose muscle (gain if any) and shred the fat big time. Hoping to stick to the diet, any tips n advice u have would be great

    • Depends on what works better for your situation. Both are great options, but I prefer to workout at home. The great thing about this is you have a structured workout routine and meal plan that has proven results. Many people go to the gym and have no idea what they are doing.

    • The top two pics were from only using P90x2 and a little running. I followed a modified version of the diet. Ratios were close but I changed the calorie requirements based on my needs. The bottom pic is with only P90X and a half hearted attempt at the diet.

      • adam murday

        Fantastic results, we have simular body types so I hope we have similar results! lol

          • adam murday

            Well I have p90x less a disc.I can’t remember which one. I have started just thhe workouts for now, only the first two days and I am getting my butt kicked, its been so long since I’ve been active. but I am hopeing to start with the diet next week as I currently have no weights, resistance bands should arrive tomorrow tho so!

          • Adam

            kinda sorta lmao! I have started with some of the workouts (no diet yet) but I am missing some equipment, (resistance bands should arrive soon!) I am weary of using them as I have always used dumbells but then again I have never gone into p90x full fledge yet either so. even still with out all the equipment I must say p90x has kicked my butt the last few days!!!! I should have everything I need by Monday and that’s when I hope to get into the diet as well. I used to eat very healthy when I used to work out but now I feel as if I have gone so far off that it will be next to impossible to go cold turkey onto a strict diet regime, how did this work for you? did you have cheat days? any suggestions?

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